Monday, March 25, 2013

The Gambler's Remorse

He had it all..he lost it all..
In the blink of an eye..He could do nothing but sigh..
He knew what he'd done
He knew how it'd begun..
It wasn't expected though..But his regret he didn't show...

He walked back from the tracks..
Slowly,he was in no hurry..
But he gradually picked up his pace..
Coz' back home was a family that would worry..

All the while he thought about how he'd explain
That fatal last bet..the reason for his pain..
Why didn't he stop when he was on a roll?
Why did he dig himself into a hole?

Immersed in his thoughts..He'd walked more than a mile..
He didn't really know how far...He'd been lost for a while..
He reflected on his past..All the mistakes he'd made.
He debated taking his life..But only cowards die..The brave ones stayed..

He vowed that day,never to gamble again..
All they'd given him was an irremovable stain..
He'd turn his life around..He'd atone for his sin..
He'd care for every penny..A  new chapter would begin..

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  1. Nice one Abhi..:) Don't know how I missed it..