Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sooooo....Ive felt the urge to blog..again...

It hurts...stings..itches...this rash ive got after being bitten by the writing bug for the second time..

Alright fine.Honestly? This ,whatever im doing right now,is actually just a way of getting away from my routine day of assignments and records and college (which seems like 99% of what my daily life has gotten reduced to now).Now you're probably thinking this is going to be another account-of-how-boring-some-guy's-life is right? I'm not going to lie to you;it might seem like that's exactly what this is..
Alrightie.. So,today,in my first endeavor, I intend to talk about time management..and how i'm not doing it...

They say :
Early to bed,early to rise;Makes a man (or woman..i'm not sexist),healthy,wealthy and wise..

And then there's :
The early bird always catches the worm..

Me on the other hand...

Yeah...I tend to do that...
And another popular quote people kiiinda happen to notice but never really care for on roads? You know the one..You've seen it..You've rolled your eyes at it....
Speed thrills,but kills...

Normal people who 've woken up like in the image #1:

Annnnd then,there's me...before the fall...only,imagine an Access instead of a superbike...and no helmet on head...

Looks cool hunh...waiit for it....CRRRRRRRRRASH!

That's what over-speeding leads to...I'm slower now..Okay,maybe not...But I AM safer...

Moving on...

The #1 image guy/girl's reached college safe ...We know that...

So,some guy paying attention and participating in class would probably be like this -

He's awake..Yes..
But Iii haven't slept all night...Im night -guy...Being morning guy there's ME in class...

Okay,I've had enough of pictures...The day goes on as usual..I get bored to death..blah blah..

The moral is --
Time management's a necessary evil..We may deny it for all it's worth..
Possible arguments: (few of which I've employed in the past) :
1) I do things MY way!!!
2) Time management's for sl- o-w-ldies!! [Read slow-oldies] ..
3) A watch? What's that? A guy's excuse for a bangle?
4) Come onn dude,we've got all the time in world !! [A dummy's version of procrastination]

The point is..they dont work... What always works is a proper plan set into motion to perfection..well,near perfection...

I've learnt something here...And I feel obliged to pass it on to my fellow bloggers and humans [humans???? okay..too "worldly"..whatever]

Time's money :) Money buys us icecream...Icecream's sweet..By law of syllogism..Time's sweet.. :)

Until next time...

Abhiiisevil..n out....


  1. really nice abhi......i like :) :) keep blogging :D

  2. ya nice, u shud hav credited me for tat best pic :P ;) anyways nice again :)

  3. Only 2 things hari can comment about is himself and HIMSELF!! Try and keep the blog more formal , Les nt kil inglish.. :)

  4. Hehe!! :) nicey abhi!!U described urself to a T!!! Hv u really learnt though ?? :P

  5. hey dude.. its too good:) really nice:)nice pics:)try giving your thoughts on current affairs.. it ll be more interesting!!!:)