Saturday, June 19, 2010


Disclaimer for people who judge a book by its cover and a blog by its title:
This is NOT a funny blog full of jokes which will make your sides split,your tummy ache and your jaw break. Or maybe it is,depending on what gets you going. This,is me,talking about laughter and comedy,how it originated,how everybody enjoyed it,loved it..and ruined it..[How? You'll see.]

Comedy (from the Greek: κωμῳδία, kōmōidía) as a popular meaning, is any humorous discourse generally intended to amuse, especially in television, film, and stand-up comedy.(Copied with no second thoughts,from Wikipedia-The world's largest Cafe "Copyee" Day).

Man by nature,is a complex being ,with emotions as many as the number of ripples in an ocean (and before you go all mathematical on me,I'm speaking metaphorically). Laughter is one of them,and a very essential one at that.

So,ever wondered what the firrrst-joke-ever could have been?
I imagine it would have been this:

God created the Earth and eventually Adam and Eve and the First apple tree.
So Eve spots it first and runs to it and grabs the First(and only) apple.
So Adam says : (again guessing this is what he must have said and yes,I made him part-Australian,part-Irish)
"Eve mayte,how about we split that Apple aye?" ..
And she says (Punchline:) "Haha,good one Adam :D".

And thats how she gave birth to know..before she gave birth to the rest of the humans..Whatever..

So we've established the origin of our emotion in question.

Laughter and the spirit of laughing has evolved over time,aided by the following :

1) Cavemen who doodled on their cave walls,hit their friends on the head with stones and laughed at their misery (which is now called "Schadenfreude" btw ..It's German..for sadistic bastard..okay,I made that last bit up).

2)Ridiculous-costume-wearing-people-in-the-Medieval-ages (who were made fun of a lottt).

3) Towards the end of the Medieval time,in 1392 to be precise,came the advent of April Fool's Day.
This marked a historic moment for fools present everywhere in the world and for fools in the future generations to come.(Don't kid yourself.You know you wait eagerly for it every year,as soon as the last week of March sets in.)

4)From the 1400's to the 1900's,it was a very solemn and serious time..You know..with the wars and people-trying-to-conquer-lands and all. Nobody really had any time for fooling around,pranking blah..Hitler never ended his sentence- "The Jews must go." with the sentence "The juice must flow."..Sad,coz people never got to die laughing.
But thats where we Indians take the cake. [Proud salute] .Granted,ours was a country with conflicts so many,that the rest of the world looked very happy from where we were standing..bickering..fighting..[For more details,recall your painful high-school years where you had to memorize a billion dates of when who fought whom,where and over what.] Butttt,we still had those two witty people everybody loves.You know who I'm talking about-Birbal and Tenali Raman! The two shining gems ->jems -> jemsters -> jesters of India who made everybody laugh on TV and in books (coz we don't know for a fact that they existed).

5) And now,we come to the 20th and 21st century, where humor and comedy really branched out,sprouted wings and took flight in the form of funny conversations,television shows,stand-up comedy and humorous writing [ ;) wink] among other things. We humans have understood that these emotions,born of happiness (and Eve) can be a great way to pass time enjoyably and also,in some cases,make money!! (And who wouldn't like to enjoy and yet make money?!)

But..every coin has two sides to it..And sadly,so does this..i'm going to call it "The Happathetic Syndrome":
All the terms mentioned up till now- comedy, humor,laughter etc have evolved to a whole new level..coz apparently,now we have "types" of humour that "we" prefer!A respected wevbsite, [I shall not name for the sake of anonymity and bad-mouthing. Aenh,what do I care?!]
Orkut asks new users to update their preference of humour [as if,it is going to publish jokes of that variety on our page everyday.This wouldn't be an issue if it were true.] and classifies them into the following-

-->Goofy,[yeah,coz I like Walt Disney a lot]
-->Cheesy[coz either I'm a dumb chick who doesn't get hit on very much or I'm a glutton who loves cheese on everything I eat],
-->Dry,[coz I'm a camel]
-->Friendly,[I'm on a Social Networking site coz I like friendly humor...That didn't even make sense]
-->Obscure..[enough said..this is painful]..
See what I mean by Man ruining humor? .
Also,we have what people call "adult-jokes" or "non-veg" humor which have taken the sms-world and the web-world by storm.This is a slur on the pure,untainted face of this emotion.True,we humans,sick as we are, all have our guilty pleasures.But this is also an issue to be concerned about and given the option I would put this on the same scale as Global Warming.This is Global Jarming people [Global Joke+Harming] .We need to stop making sick jokes.And if I'm bumming you out,I would advise you to scroll back to the top and read from the beginning weren't..bummed out.

The last thing I'd like you to ponder upon is on the topic of our health.We all want to stay fit.Now if you're thinking,"Oh what does he know? I gym everyday,do yoga for at least 15 minutes and get a check-up done every month." ,you're an idiot for haemorrhaging cash on meds everytime you fall sick.. 'coz as we all know...
"Laughter is the BEST medicine" ..

Oh,And btw,if you're thinking this was the most ridiculous entry you've ever read,please remember that you just wasted 4 minutes of your life reading it.So..haha..
The "joke" is on you :P :D...

Keep laughing (just a smile works too) :)

Abhiiisevil..and out..


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    P.S.[cave man English-intended]

  2. u r a great writer abhi.. this blog is sooooo amazing.