Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"We R who we R"

[ YAAAAWNNNN (Stretch)..Been loong since my last blog. My sincere gratitude to an idiotic singer for her thought provoking title and an unnamed friend for boring me with the rave that it rocks-You know who you are ;) :P ]

Yes,the title is inspired by (and ripped off from) one of Ke$ha's singles; and No,the following content is of no relevance to the song (as I haven't heard it yet) . Now, I've always been one to admire the wisdom that philosophers of yore have provided us,
"A bird in hand is worth two in the bush",
"All that glitters isn't gold",
"Early to bed,early to rise" ,etc etc.
All these great proverbs are meant to guide; to lay down a path on with to follow with seemingly,healthy results. All these years,I believed this to be true (even though I've paid heed to very few of them). But...Ke$ha in her usual,odd and weird way has unwittingly triggered a thought in my head with this song of her's (again,just the title). "We R who we R" . Regardless of everrrything that we SHOULD be doing, at the end of the day, we are who we are! Based on the kind of personality embedded in our brain,we are either
followers (people who have no mind of their own and do what other people do),
leaders (nutjobs who have a god-complex and believe what they do to be right heedless of the consequences . eg. our government )
(there's no term what these people are called,so I'm going to call them) "feaders" (people who neither lead nor follow at times,and sometimes do a bit of both..oh wait,maybe I should have called them "lost").

Anyhoo,these are just 3 categories of many more subsets of people.
So,first off,ask yourself. Where do you belong?
Do you have that individualistic streak? Can you rise to the occasion when it calls? Or do you look to your side for confirmation for that which you think is right?

Here's a "poem" of sorts I made to illustrate my point.

There once was a guy a long time ago,
Who took too long to think,
He would scratch his head so often,
And more than talk,just blink.
He worked on a ship as a captain,
Where all they did all day,
Was look at the skies and the seas and the sun,
And at night just sit and drink.
Once there came a storm so fierce,
Everybody ran here and there!
And this guy took too long to save
his ship,so it could do nothing but sink.

This guy,took too long to make a snap sink-or-swim judgement and it lost him his crew and his ship! Are you that guy?
So,next time you look in the mirror,ask yourself. Can you save your ship? Don't laugh. It's a metaphor.
But I'm not saying you can always save your ship. One of my favorite sayings is "Be a Roman in Rome". This one tells us to do what the crowd does,blend in,follow etiquette, and all that. It's up to you to decide when you have to be "that Roman".

"We R who we R". But it's never late to change,if who you "R" is not who you want to be.(Okay,that just sounded like a line from a song).

All said and done,I believe,the time to do some soul-searching is now. or maybe after you listen to that Ke$ha song...Whichever. :)

Abhiiisevil...and out :)


  1. Not bad! It was a fun read. Though I don't think you'd call feaders - Lost. I think they're the people who'll blend in and stand out when they have to..dontcha think?!